• 22
  • Jun

The C’Space campaign - edition 2016 - will take place from Jully, 23rd to 30th, at Ger’s military camp. The PERSEUS project will take part of this campaign, particularly through its 3 ARES...
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  • 30
  • May

Succesful MLE5K-S1 engine ignition test

The first ignition tests of MLE5K-S1 engine were made this Wednesday, May 25 at Roxel in Bourges.
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  • 28
  • Apr

Sucessfull SERA2 flight

The SERA2 rocket finally took off this Thursday, April 28th at 14:00! After two postponements, one of yesterday’s bad weather and that of this morning following a non-ignition engine, the SERA2...
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  • 27
  • Apr

SERA2 FRR and chronology

The launch is confirmed for tomorrow, April 28th. The timeline will start around 8:00. Except from weather caprice of last minute, the launch is scheduled at...
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Watch our SERA 2 launch campaign from SSC - Esrange in April 2016

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