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  • Féb

The acoustic module is an electronic device that allows us to record the sound atmosphere under the rocket’s fairing during the flight, which means measuring the most relevant acoustic...
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  • 09
  • Féb

SERA3 - One step closer to the stars

This year looks very fructuous for the Perseus project, especially the SERAs demonstrators. With the successful launch of SERA-2 last year, the student demonstrator SERA-3 should be launched this...
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  • 30
  • Jan

12th PERSEUS Seminar Awards

The participation to the 12thPERSEUS seminar was very active over the two days. The students’ interest in presenting their work to an expert panel and to the PERSEUS community is very keen. This...
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  • 06
  • Jan

First realisations in 250 mm for SERA3

The first realisations in 250 mm for SERA3 have been achieved. The novelty on SERA3 compared to the old SERA is the new diameter of the structure which extends from 160 to 250...
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[PERSEUS] SERA2 Launch campaign

Watch our SERA 2 launch campaign from SSC - Esrange in April 2016

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