• 27
  • Jul

The data analysis review of SERA3 was held on the 29th of June, 2017, at the CNES’ Launcher Directorate. It was the occasion to present flight analysis, main events encountered during the campaign...
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  • 04
  • Jul

The Mini-Apterros Day

The Mini-Apterros ( Advanced Propulsion TEchnology for Reusable ROcket Operating System) project studies rocket’s Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing technologies (VTVL). The PERSEUS...
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  • 26
  • Apr

April 26th, 2017 @15h30, The SERA3 rocket lift-Off perfectly

Events unfolded throughout the day. First, the Test Count Down started at 8:45. It went perfectly. The Flight Readiness Review (FRR) closed this test and allowed the start of the Hot Count Down...
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  • 25
  • Apr

Go for SERA3 Test and Hot Count Down

The first two days of the campaign were very busy. The team SERA 3 was able to finalize this Tuesday evening, the complete preparation of the rocket. An additional half day was necessary to...
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[PERSEUS] Campagne SERA3 SSC Avril 2017

Campagne de lancement de la fusée expérimentale SERA3 lancée le 26 avril 2016 depuis la base de lancement du SSC à Kiruna. Montage : Florian Ginisty

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