12th PERSEUS Seminar Awards

The participation to the 12thPERSEUS seminar was very active over the two days. The students’ interest in presenting their work to an expert panel and to the PERSEUS community is very keen. This seminar gives them the opportunity to show how their work, carried out within the framework of their respective teaching, is a source of innovation and contributes to the various demonstrators of the PERSEUS project.

The two days were well filled with the presentations of the students. A time highly appreciated was the presentations made by the students of Delft and especially those of the DLR with their HEROS demonstrator developed in the framework of the STERN project which exceeded the 30km of apogee during a launch carried out at the end of 2016 in Kiruna.

Véronique Palatin, Deputy Director of the CNES Launchers Directorate, presided over the traditional awards ceremony held on the 26th of January. The three best projects (innovative, achievement and team) were rewarded. For these three prizes two students from each team will have the opportunity to present their work at the next Eucass Congress.

Best Teamwork Award : SERA2 Rocket. A complete project realized in cooperation between four student associations, the ISAE-SUPAERO Scube, the ISS of IPSA, the CLC of the Ecole Centrale of Lyon and OCTAVE of the University of Évry. PERSEUS provided to the students the opportunity to collaborate together for the realization, to be actors during the launch campaign in Kiruna in Sweden and finally to process and analyze the data (performance restitution, impact of supersonic regime, etc.).

Prize for the most innovative project : Structural tubes of the lower part of the SERA3 experimental rocket, made by the IPSA Space System association in the laboratory of mechatronics of IPSA. Mechanical compression and bending tests have proved the good behavior of these sandwich composite pipes, with a diameter of up to 160 mm and carried for the first time to 250 mm and for which a patent has been filed in the frame of PERSEUS.

Award for Best Achievement : ARES Rocket 23. As part of his internship at CNES, Antoine Bianchi, a student at IPSA, capitalized the architectures (mechanical and electrical) developed within PERSEUS and then introduced a roll control system by flap at the trailing edge of each aileron, a logical evolution of the various roll control attempts made in the framework of the series of Leïa rockets, made by Scube. The command was made using a RIO compaq that had to interface with the standard architecture. The control worked very well.

The prize for the best poster has been awarded to INSA Rouen for work on MINERVA engine equipment.

Two special mentions were awarded:

One for the GAREF association, a partner of the PERSEUS project, which developed the embedded video module on the experimental rocket SERA2. It ensured the retransmission by telemetry of the video stream throughout the flight phase and its diffusion on the web,

And the other on the work related to the definition of the experimental rocket that will be propelled by the engine MINERVA, carried out by a trainee of Centrale Lyon during his gap year on the Plateau Projet PERSEUS, Romain Diram.