1rst workshop Week-end dedicated to SERA2 intergration at GAREF

The first weekend of SERA2 integration brought together more than a dozen of young, members of associations and partners involved in the PERSEUS project, on the12th and 13th of December 2015, at GAREF.

This was a great opportunity for S3 (Supaero Space Section) association, with the assistance of CLC (Cosmos Lyon Club), to finalize the wiring of the electrical components box, prepared in advance at ISAE. Coordinated by Aymeric LEGRAND from GAREF, this integration allowed the first electrical tests, using the facilities available on site. The electrical box was finally integrated into the intermediate tube of the rocket, made by IPSA.

Structure de la case élec au début du week-end {JPEG}

Structure of the electrical box at the beginning of the weekend

Final result: electrical box at the end of the weekend

In parallel, the separation and recovery system made by Octave (Evry University association) , was refined to reduce friction between parts, with the support of Antoine BIANCHI, from ISS (Ipsa Space System).

Separation system (definition and assembly by OCTAVE)

The assembled elements begin to shape the rocket and make more concrete the SERA2 project! What a good way to end this year, waiting for future works during the next joint work weekends in January.
Congratulations for this great team work and Merry Christmas to all!

Fiberglass ogive with anemoclinometric 3D printing head (ISS realisation)

Instrumented Fins with pressure sensors (ISS completion)