And 1, and 2 and 3...succesfull flights!

During the 2015 C’Space which took place on the Ger camp site near Tarbes, the PERSEUS project launched this Thursday, July 23, three experimental rockets: HYDRA, EVE5 Re-Reloaded and SELENA.

The Hydra rocket demonstrator PERSEUS is the two-stage rocket made by Supaero Space Section (S3), in cooperation with the Central Lyon Cosmos (CLC) and IPSA. Its second stage was simply equipped with an igniter. After a lengthy preparation on ramp, efforts were rewarded with a beautiful flight with the fallout of two stages with their parachute under a sun piercing the fog.

EVE 5 Reloaded (OCTAVE) and SELENA (CLC) were launched in the afternoon thanks to an efficient preparation, particularly due to through the development and feedback operation related to SERA1. For CLC, SELENA and HYDRA are projects who helped the association revival in achieving experimental rockets ... with success!


Congratulations to all the teams for this successful campaign!

For more information on rockets:

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