April 26th, 2017 @15h30, The SERA3 rocket lift-Off perfectly

Events unfolded throughout the day. First, the Test Count Down started at 8:45. It went perfectly. The Flight Readiness Review (FRR) closed this test and allowed the start of the Hot Count Down at 12:45. The rocket took off perfectly at 15:30. Images and videos are available on the Facebook page PERSEUS.

A loss of video transmission unfortunately occurred very early in the ascent phase. Investigations are underway.
The helicopter scheduled for recovery, might arrived late, which could lead to data loss. Two snow scooters were therefore used to cut off the transmission of telemetry as well as to stop the two VISTA and TFS payloads. Then the helicopter arrived to perform the recovery of the rocket. The lower part could not be found. Indeed, it went off during the descent phase under the drog chute just before the deployment of the main parachute. Investigations are underway.

All the data acquired during the flight: pressures, vibrations, IMU data as well as the videos have been recovered and are in the course of exploitation. First very encouraging results have already been observed by the Vista and TFS payloads. The first performances give an estimated altitude of more than 5km and a Mach number of 1.3.
A first presentation of this data will be done tomorrow afternoon (2017/04/27) to SSC.