First realisations in 250 mm for SERA3

The first realisations in 250 mm for SERA3 have been achieved. The novelty on SERA3 compared to the old SERA is the new diameter of the structure which extends from 160 to 250 mm.

This 250 mm structure contains the three engines. The interface between the "casings" of the three Pro98-6G Green3 engines and the structure, as well as the outer shell, composite sandwich tube of 250 mm diameter that integrates this thrust ring have been manufactured and will soon be able to be integrated.

The interface with the motors made of Aluminum, was realized in 3D printing at Poly-Shape:

The sandwich composite tube of diameter 250 mm is a first realization made by the ISS association which has been able to extend the process developed for the diameter 160 mm to 250 mm.

Congratulation for the definition and the manufacture of these parts, the first assemblies are eagerly awaited!