FRA SERA 2 16 & 17 Mars 2016

The Flight Review Acceptance of SERA2 demonstrator which will be launched end of April on the launch site of SSC in Kiruna took place in two parts:

On Wednesday, March 16 afternoon students from ISAE, IPSA, ECLyon and UEVE came together in a gym on loan from the City of Paris, near the GAREF around different parts of the experimental rocket SERA2. A repeat of ground operations followed by a simulated flight was performed by the students. They will realize in Kiruna late April, these same operations in coordination this time with SSC. The outcome will be the actual flight SERA2 demonstrator. All these operations are carried out under the authority of COEL (CNES-T. Stillace) and under the watchful eye of the Review Group.

Some operations have proved a little more difficult to implement than expected. This proves, once again, the usefulness of these milestones. With the support of a student quality team, the patches will be implemented which will allow PERSEUS teams to be ready for the campaign.

Students fixing the strap of the parachute to the rocket

On Thursday 17 March: the review group was informed of all the actions and recommendations made during the qualification review January 30 and the test performed the day before. At the end of the day, SERA2 got his passport to Kiruna.
Now, the entire team is mobilized on the preparation and shipping of material for the campaign.

The SERA2 mounted rocket