Friday, April 21st : SERA3 - fourth day of pre-campaign

The anemometer sensor is installed at the top of the launchpad so as to be vertical when it is raised. As the weather was milder than the day before, we were finally able to perform a ramp elevation test, enabling SSC to verify that it was functional and the PERSEUS project to ensure that the anemometer sensor is properly secured and with the right angle.

Overall, all mechanical and electronic assemblies and tests are completed in the morning.

All that remains is to prepare the organization of the first days of the campaign, to finalize our reports and to formalize the last points (procedures, anomaly sheets, news ...). The pre-campaign was conducted in very good conditions thanks to the valuable support of the various SSC teams and the investment of the pre-campaign team, made up of COELs (Coordination of Launcher Operations) and of professional and student partners.

We all await the arrival of the entire team on Sunday afternoon for the main SERA3 campaign!