Go for SERA3 Test and Hot Count Down

The first two days of the campaign were very busy. The team SERA 3 was able to finalize this Tuesday evening, the complete preparation of the rocket. An additional half day was necessary to finalize the compatibility of the top part of the rocket on the MRL (Multi-Range Launcher).

A great thanks to the SSC team that allowed us to realize the device necessary for the good operation of the rocket on the ramp! This delay will have to be filled in tomorrow which will see the "Test Count Down" (TCD) and the "Hot Count Down" (HCD). The TCD is the repetition of the operations carried out jointly by the SSC and SERA3 teams? necessary for the launch of SERA3. The HCD is the launch sequence that will allow the flight of SERA3.

Following the presence of ice patches on the road between the integration hall and the launch pad, it was decided to transport the SERA3 on a trailer.

SERA3 Transport sur une remorque depuis de le Chruch jusqu'au MRL

The telemetry tests were carried out without any problem. The preparation of the three motors was made by the French pyrotechnicians in agreement with the Swedish pyrotechnicians. The ramp compatibility tests required a return trip to the integration hall to properly assemble an inter-skins link and put the Umbilical Disconnecting System in the same configuration as it was for the qualifying tests.

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SERA3 Test sur rampe
Test de compatibilité de la fusée expérimenatle SERA3 sur la rampe

All compatibility tests were completed a little later than expected. The two payloads, VISTA from the University of Lulea and the one from the TFS association, are ready for the flight.
The launch is therefore planned in the early afternoon of Wednesday, April 26th.