SERA2’s Data Analysis Review

The data analysis Review of the SERA2 project was held at CNES’ Launcher Directorate on June 30th, two months after the flight of the rocket.

Participants were numerous. The team has presented the last works performed between the Readiness Review and the flight which occurred on Thursday, April 28th, at Kiruna; as well as the flight results and their analysis.

SERA2’s launch was a real success and led to obtain numerous elements of comparison for next campaigns, thanks to: a well developed measurement plan, the establishment of a student quality team, an efficient pre-campaign, a greater involvement of the students on key positions during the campaign and a live video streaming of the flight !

Flight data, based upon vibration, the passage of transonic, the restitution of thrust,... and analyzed in depth were used to refine the estimate performance :

Mach>1.15 - Max height : 5000m - Max Pdyn : 100kPa

This flight was also a nice occasion to adapt to SERA rockets the Umbilical Tear System already tested on our bi-stage HYDRA rocket, to implement a faster firing system of the Pro98-6G propellant (ONERA’s works) and to strengthen our cooperation with the Esrange Space Center (SSC - Swedish Space Corporation).

Finally, the project was the result of close collaboration between various student associations : S3 (ISAE), CLC (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), OCTAVE (Université d’Evry), ISS (IPSA), with the effective support of youngsters from GAREF : many hours of work for a very encouraging result and already several ideas for improvement, in particular for SERA3, next project underway !

SERA2 involved more than twenty students on a 16-month period and embedded a Swedish payload carried by 8 high school students from Kiruna, supervised by a student from the University of Lulea.

The CNES’ SERA demonstrators are managed by an IPSA/MI-GSO binomial, with the valuable support of members of GAREF, present in the Integrated PERSEUS Project Team (EPIP).

Congratulations to all for the accomplished work !

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The SERA2 team in Kiruna