The Mini-Apterros Day

The Mini-Apterros ( Advanced Propulsion TEchnology for Reusable ROcket Operating System) project studies rocket’s Vertical Take-off and Vertical Landing technologies (VTVL). The PERSEUS Mini-Apterros project aims to develop an electric VTVL vehicle whose total weight is less than 10kg and whose electric power is less than 15kW (in accordance with the charter of the 17th December 2015 relating to the construction of unmanned aerial vehicles).

This was the first exhibition day since the onset of this project at the beginning of the year 2017. The Université d’Evry-Val d’Essonne opened its doors for this event on Saturday, June 17th.

Having have spent four months working on the project, team Saturn (Université de Rennes I), S3 (ISAE-Supaero),OCTAVE (Université d’Evry-Val d’Essonne) and CLC (Ecole Centrale Lyon) took to stage to showcase their advancements.

Team Saturn got the ball rolling with the exhibition of part of their Mini-Apterros vehicle. Their presentation showcased the control and automation of the jet nozzle of their prototype. The team chose to power their system with 4 electric turbines whose flows converge in the jet nozzle. The computer aided design model is shown in the image below:

The second team to take to stage was OCTAVE with their presentation of the control and automation. This was a well detailed presentation that also demonstrated the control of the Mini-Apterros vehicle in different trajectories.

The Centrale Lyon Cosmos unveiled their prototype which is still a work in progress. This model is based on a quadrotor propulsion platform. Its design was inspired by the model in the Mini-Apterros Specifications (see image below).

The last presentation was done by the S3 (Supaero Space Section) team whose presentation touched on the computer aided design of their model and also on the innovative designs of low cost testing apparatus for the Mini-Apterros components.