SERA2 FRR and chronology

The launch is confirmed for tomorrow, April 28th. The timeline will start around 8:00. Except from weather caprice of last minute, the launch is scheduled at 8:50.

There are no regrets to have, the weather was not appropiate for launch!

Today the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) was signed by the two entities involved in this launch : SSC and CNES.

The day was an opportunity to revisit the various tasks which has to be done during the morning and after launch.
The chronology is available download here.

A last weighing was performed.

The PRO98-6G Green3 engine that will be used for the flight tomorrow morning was prepared by pyrotechnic and stored for the night.

Before going to rest to be fit tomorrow for the Hot Count Down, a photo session took place in a good mood.