SERA2 Pre-campaign is over

Since April 19th, the SERA2 precampaign team is on the SSC launch site at Kiruna to prepare the ground facilities for SERA2. These preparations went well thanks to effective cooperation with the SSC staff.

The Pre-campaign purpose was to first prepare all electrical connections (lines and connectors) that will be present between SERA2 and SSC ground installations. During this week, the team installed, inspected, tested and measured all these electrical interfaces. This was performed both to the ground power supply, data bus, the firing circuit and even telemetry. This operation is perfectly finished, thanks to the upstream work of SSC, with the benefit of SERA1 experience, they had prepared their facility to facilitate our adaptation.

Alongside these electrical work, the installation of SERA2’s ramp was made on the SSC MRL (Multi Range Launcher). Again, the implementation has been greatly facilitated by the professionalism of the SSC staff.

Following this work, a meeting with the Swedish team responsible for the payload, called TAPAS, which will be embedded in SERA2, took place on Friday, April 22nd, at Kiruna’s space highschool.

This weekend, the Pre-campaign team takes a well deserved rest, observing, to the delight of all, if the midnight sun, the reindeers. The campaign team arrives in reinforcement Sunday, April 24th, 2016 in the late afternoon!