Students from the Macro-Project Pegase realize a first fire shot!

On Thursday, December 3, 2015 held in ONERA the first shot of an enhanced test structure for solid propulsion entirely designed and built by students. This test comes in the PERSEUS project in the Bordeaux area and more specifically the Macro Project PEGASE supervised by the AJSEP and HERAKLES.

With a length of one meter, the test structure formed by IUT Bordeaux can accommodate a propellant charge from a manufacturer Cesaroni of the Pro98 engine to test different technologies of nozzles and thermal protections. It is instrumented by the ONERA pressure sensors and its various components have been dimensioned to be reused several times.

In this first test, a "compound" nozzle based on phenolic resin and carbon fibers carried by the IMA has been tested successfully. After 8 seconds of firing, the nozzle has shown resistance to the thermal environment of a flow over 2500K.

In the post-chamber of the trial structure, the Bordeaux School of Chemistry (ENSCBP) had placed a thermal protection test based on polymer and glass tables made entirely in the laboratory of the school. The analysis of the tets will determine if the ablation which has occured, can meet the specifications of a solid propulsion engine for a flight.

These very encouraging results give new life to the project and demonstrate that students can accomplish ambitious technological endeavor in the context of solid propulsion.