Succesfull flight for Princess Leia @ T’Harde

The Princess Leia launch campaign in Holland went well and was very interesting for members of the S3 team (Supaero Space Section).

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Presentation sheet

Arrival Tuesday, April 28, 2015 in Delft, and warmly welcomed by the members of DARE, ISAE students have spent their first 2 days to make the final checks of their rocket at DARE workshop, made available by the University Delft. They have finalized the organization of the launch campaign and reviewed with DARE the timeline. A simulated flight was conducted with a safety officer from DARE.

Université Technologique de Delft

Our pyrotechnician, Jouke Hijlkema, and GAREF team joined us on Thursday, April 30, for installation on the launch site in T’Harde. The PERSEUS ramp was set up, the safety analysis and the stability of the rocket has been validated by a DARE / NAVRO team.
The GO have been given by the organizers, hoping for the weather conditions to remain soft!

After a few unsuccessful attempts of the ignition of the igniter, the rocket finally take off in the Dutch skies this 1st May 2015!
Pyrotechniciens autour de Princess Leia

The flight went well, however the landing was a little rough due to the non-deployment of the main parachute. Data were retrieved by telemetry and are being analyzed.
The REVEX, scheduled this May 20, 2015 will deepen the progress of the flight and the proper functioning of the roll experience.

Equipe S3 à T'Harde

Congratulations to S3 for long-term work! And thank you to DARE for its welcoming organization and professionalism : the association has offered to S3 an excellent experience of European Partnership !

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