Test Count Down and poor weather forecast

Two SERA2 launch repetitions were performed on Tuesday April 26th. A simulated flight integrating all operations related to the preparation and the flight, involving the least SSC operators was first performed in the morning. Then in the afternoon the Test Count Down took place. This test is planned to repeat all ground operations, from SSC side and rocket side.

Here are some key stages of the day!
The SERA2 rocket completely assembled with all its flames is waiting on the table of the "Church".

The "go" for operations was given by the SSC operation center, the transport of the rocket to the launch pad was performed.

The insertion of the rocket on the launch pad is always a delicate operation since it must be achieved without problem in order not to tear the flames and to allow connection and later disconnection of umbilicals.

The trial ended with an elevation of launch pad up to the final position ready for launching.

The poor weather forecast announced for Wednesday, April 27th, selected as the first launch window, was confirmed by SSC. A strong continuous rain is expected the whole day. Therefore, it forced the SERA2 team to postpone the launch in the second launch window planned on April, Thursday 28th. The exact time of the launch will be determined during the FRR, scheduled tomorrow, at 13h00.