The SERA2 campaign has started

Sunday, April 24th, in the late afternoon, pre-campaign team hosted the other PERSEUS members of SERA2 launch team. As early as Monday morning (04/25), Swedish students have joined the SERA2 campaign which began with the traditional "Safety meeting" of SSC.

After the "Safety meeting", the whole team visited the SSC ground facilities that will be used to launch SERA2, the assembly hall called "Church", the Block Haus, the assembly hall of the engine (SKYLARK), the launch pad (MRL), the "scientific center" and the telemetry room.

The installation of the team in the "Church" then started with unpacking the last boxes to perform the assembly of the experimental rocket SERA2.

As soon as the progress of the work enabled it, the first tests on the rocket, as written in the timeline, were performed. for example this include:
The compatibility test of the Pro98 engine in the rocket, the empty casing was inserted into its future location for checking.

Fixing fins using a torque wrench.

Meanwhile TAPAS team made final adjustments on its experiment so that they can finally integrate it into the rocket.

This evening the rocket was fully assembled and ready to be used tomorrow morning (04/26) to launch simulations and the famous Test Count Down in close coordination, this time, with SSC staff. The launch is scheduled on Wednesday, 04/27 unless the weather forecast (rain and snow) is confirmed.