Thursday, April 20th : SERA3 - third day of pre-campaign

Today, a meeting is organized with SSC to speak about the procedure of firing, then we have a second meeting about frequency conflicts on telemetry with satellite passes, especially during the various tests which will take place next week.

The alignment of the four rails of the launchpad is carried out using an electronic angle gauge. However, it could not be carried out in the vertical plane, the ramp being naturally bent under the effect of its own weight.
A very simplified model of the rocket is made using the spare rail to test the sliding of the pins in the launching rail. The sliding is effortless, the test is then decisive.

The ombilical deconnection system (SAO) sliding part (ground part) is mounted on the rail and the final adjustment will be made with the SAO board part next week, when testing the rocket onto the launchpad.

As for the electronic part, the meteo rack had to be moved to the end of the ramp to avoid problems of congestion of the connectors. They are tightly strapped to the launchpad, the cables are tied to the ramp so that they do not interfere with the rocket during the rising of the launchpad and take-off.
The hygrometric sensors and the thermometer are tested and installed The anemometer sensor is tested but we still have to install it at the top of the launchpad so that it is vertical after the ramp is raised.

The losses of load between the bunker and the MRL are assessed and acceptable. The electronic tests of the ground part are therefore completed.

The latest installations in the TV room are carried out. Rémi has managed to take control of the PC from France to check the proper functioning of video streaming.

We now have got back all our suitcases...