Tuesday, April 18th : SERA3 - first day of pre-campaign

The flycases, the electronic units, tools, PC and every elements necessary for the launch campaign are taken to the church. They are unpacked in order and the various elements are installed on their place. the rocket stays in its flycase, waiting for the main campaign, which will start on next Monday.
The launchpad is assembled from four grids, and the complete rail from four simple rails. Then, the rail is assembled on the launchpad but not strictly fixed. It will be so once a laser alignement has been performed on it.

Tests and adjustments of the firing line are also carried out. A 0.33 ohm resistor is made to simulate the three initiators, but this simulation is not representative. Then a second simulator is made from three Japanese pyrotechnic bolts at the end of life put in parallel. This second test is successful, the firing system operates.
Concerning ground-to-board interfaces, the shunts used for SERA-2 are still present, we won’t have to do them again. The weather station cable is extended to be connected to the launchpad, some other cables have been adjusted and connected.

However, the 2 missing bags have not yet be found ...