Wenesday, April 19th : SERA3 - Second day of pre-campaign

At 8.15 am, the first meeting with the SSC team (Swedish Space Corporation) was held to share our needs and constraints. A SSC chronology test will take place at 14:00, some areas will have to be evacuated such as the MRL. It was decided to make a meeting about the procedure of arming and disarming of the rocket with the launch team of SSC, it is planned for 10:30. In particular, if one of the motors has not burned (or in case there is any doubt about the ignition of one of the motors). A procedure for recovering the rocket in case of motor anomaly has been adopted ; it’s then written by Noé.

Our ramp is installed on the SSC launch pad with five plates. It is installed after a SSC crew has raised the ramp slightly to remove a wooden support that prevents it from being placed precisely. The rocket stop is installed at the end of the rail and thick scotches are placed on the sharp edges and pointed tops of the ramp to avoid injury. Similarly, blocks of mousse are placed at the end of the rail.

The electronic racks have been connected and installed on the ramp, the power supply and the IRIG B have been wired. Weather rack tests were carried out (anemometer, thermometer, hygrometry). Tests and wiring remain to be performed, including umbilical and pressure drop tests.
The equipment for the video room was also taken to the TV room (main building). Connections are still to be performed.

Kevin has still not found his suitcase...