ARES standard electric "heart"

PERSEUS Project site, ECE (Ecole Centrale d’Electronique/French engineering school of Electronics) : ARES standard electric "heart"

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This work is part of the logic of AETNA development and its objective is to define a standard electric "heart" for ARES demonstrators. This one relies on the current version of the standard electric architecture defined in January 2012 as well as on a set of technical specifications and of definition files. Fruit of the years of experiences as well as the help of the partner technical experts of PERSEUS, this modular architecture (see synoptic beside) brings at the same time simplicity and performance. The various chains are : Energy, Measure, Telemetry, Control, Datation. They communicate using well defined protocols: USB for measures, CAN for the real-time control, RS485 for TimeCode.
The ARES standard electric "heart" consists of an overlapping of electric modules (OBC, supply, datation, IMU, telemetry) so organized to optimize the cabling. Additional modules and experiments connect then with this standard "heart".

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