Conception of the PERSEUS standard OBC

GAREF AEROSPATIAL, ESIEE (École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique/ Engineers’ school in Electronics and Electrotechnics), STS : Conception of the PERSEUS standard OBC (On Board Computer)

The AEROSPACE GAREF association took back the development of this project on the basis of an old collaboration with the engineering school of ESIEE and the STS association. It consists in defining, finalizing and realizing an on board computer module for data (OBC). This also includes an interface generating a two-phase PCM signal for the telemetry transmitter. It includes the "material" and "software" parts. The technological aspects, the miniaturization, the environment compatibility, real-time performance, interfaces, are essential in this project. This OBC is in version 4, and several copies will fly this year in ARES 14, 15 and 16 rockets during the C’Space as well as in the Ares 11S demonstrator " SERA 1 " in Kiruna.

Project modules